Come October, our friend Garret Gerritsen will be rocking the water glasses in “Music at the Dinner Table: A Brief History and Demonstration of the Angelic Harp.” We might make him play mate as well. Music starts at 6 pm.

Here’s some background on Garret’s water glass enchantment: “In 2013, my partner and I travelled to Prague. The medieval center was bustling with street musicians. I was mesmerized by one nonchalant, jovial, barefooted prodigy (like a modern day Mozart) who pausing for a lasting drag of his cigarette, set it on the table’s edge, and started to play the water glasses. After listening for what seemed a blissful eternity, we walked away… with video in hand and fully satisfied spirit. It was at that moment that I decided, some how, some way, I was going to replicate that instrument and attempt to learn to play it.”

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