Día del Amigo is Saturday. Come celebrate your awesome friendship by sharing full mate service and 4 grande alfajores for $10! Plus 25% off a dozen. Share the sweetness with your peeps, dammit!

What’s International Friends Day? A day that we gather with friends, exchange gifts, share a meal and some toasts to celebrate our friendship. Sure, it is celebrated in other countries (usually on a different day), but it’s a real big deal in Argentina where bars and restaurants are filled to the rafters with friend parties. According to urban legend, one year the amount of well-wishing friends broke the mobile network in Buenos Aires and other major metropolitan areas.

Argentine founder and friend advocate, Dr. Enrique Ernesto Febbraro, chose July 20th because it is the day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon – and made a grand gesture of friendship between humanity and the universe.

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