Yelp Pride-ajores14 Jun 2019

Yelp Pride-ajores
14 Jun 2019

We’re so excited to share our alfajores with Yelp employees in celebration of local pride month. They’ve asked us to feed them and give a fireside chat. If you provide Andreas with a fireside, they will probably start an asado, so beware Yelpers. And if...
We’re at Pixar’s LGBTQ Business Fair12 Jun 2019

We’re at Pixar’s LGBTQ Business Fair
12 Jun 2019

Our alfajores our headed to the Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville for their LGBTQ Business Fair featuring local LGBTQ-Owned businesses. We’re so excited to meet Woody and find Dory! We’ll be sure and take selfies and bring back any schwag to the cafe...
Tango en Vivo con Mira7 Jun 2019

Tango en Vivo con Mira
7 Jun 2019

Mira Barakat will be singing Argentine Tango classics with Scott O’Day accompanying on guitar. Come join us for an informal evening of live music, dancing, and delicious food and drinks. Table dancing not required. Singing starts at 6:30...
Mothers Day at the Cafe12 May 2019

Mothers Day at the Cafe
12 May 2019

Mothers Day at the Cafe! Treat your mom to a Mothers Day Tasting Platter of Argentine treats: 2 alfajores, 2 orange chocolate no gluten cookies, a conito, a bonbon, a sea salt caramelo with chocolate, and pistachio bark accompanied by your choice of lattes or mates...
Bekah Barnett the Urban Minstrel3 May 2019

Bekah Barnett the Urban Minstrel
3 May 2019

A refreshing blend of Jazz, Folk, Pop, and Spiritual music, Bekah Barnett’s piano-driven tunes and soulful voice have been compared to Fiona Apple, Natalie Merchant, and Adele. Intimate cafe concert starts at 6pm. Alfajor accompaniment encouraged. Bekah Barnett is an...
Tango Pena12 Apr 2019

Tango Pena
12 Apr 2019

A peña is a meeting place of a group of musicians. In Buenos Aires, it is commonly associated with singers and guitarists coming together to share in tango canción (tango song). Commonly heard at peñas are songs made famous by Carlos Gardel, Ignacio Corsini and...