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Artisanal Argentine Alfajores

Eat them by the dozen or the fistful

Hecho a mano
con amor

Our Specialties


Our signature Argentine delight: two shortbread cookies with dulce de leche in between. Baked right here in Oakland-tina using all natural ingredients!

$21 per dozen


Fresh, local empanadas: pastries filled with meat, veggies, and other delicious secret ingredients. We’ve got vegan empanadas too! Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

$4.95 each

Yerba Mate

Full-service yerba mate, complete with bombilla (straw), gourd and floating mate leaves. A daily must for Argentinians.

$6 full service

bake yummy

We celebrate together


Check out what Andreas has been baking recently. Get them while they’re hot at the cafe!


Come stock up on our special Holiday Alfajores: Marbled White Chocolate, Peppermint Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice. These puppies make an appearance once a year and they are worth the trip. Holiday Alfajores make every event festive and they can fit in stockings if...

Bark Bark Baby

Chocolate bark seems to be everywhere these days, but you know Andreas is gonna make it even better. Fresh pistachios and cardamom swimming in a sea of dark Guittard chocolate. I can't write about this stuff without salivating. I'm a pistachio nut, and speaking of...

Calavera Alfajores

Perfect for all of your October festivities - our skull capped chocolate alfajores have just arrived. Halloween Haunt, Day of the Dead Feast, Be Bald & Free Day? As if you needed an excuse to eat Goth alfajores! These spooky scary cookies are frighteningly good....