Wooden Table Cafe Tango

Artisanal Argentine Alfajores

Eat them by the dozen or the fistful

Hecho a mano
con amor


Alfajores are Arabic in origin, spread from Spain, and of course
perfected in Latin America. The basic Latinx version is two shortbread cookies joined with dulce de leche, thick caramel-like deliciousness from the gods. Wooden Table Baking Co. specializes in making the most ‘de rechupete’ Argentine alfajores this side of the equator. Seriously, we are serious about flavor. We bake our artisanal alfajores from scratch using all natural ingredients and organic/ fair trade ingredients whenever possible.

Flavors: Traditional, No Gluten Traditional, Chocolate, Meringue, Espresso Chocolate, Chipotle Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Lemon Ginger, Snickerdoodle, Hazelnut & Chocolate 


We proudly serve fresh, local empanadas: pastries filled with meat, veggies, and other delicious secret ingredients. We’ve got vegan empanadas too! Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Flavors: Carne, Spicy Beef, Jamon y Queso, Spicy Pork, Pollo, Breakfast, Mushroom Gorgonzola, Spinach Feta, Kale & Butternut Squash (vegan)

Yerba Mate

We are one of the only places in the Bay Area where you can get full-service yerba mate, complete with bombilla (straw), gourd and floating mate leave. Mate is a South American tea made from the naturally caffeinated leaves of a rainforest holly tree. It is a daily must in Argentina. Our in-cafe tiny tienda sells yerba mate, hand-crafted gourds and imported bombillas.

We urge customers to drink mate like Argentinians do – sharing and passing the gourd around with family and friends. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how. We love to bring people together because we truly believe juntos es más dulce! That’s why we host monthly events featuring music, dancing and of course food.

Right out the kitchen

Our head chef, Andreas, is always inventing. Seriously, we can’t keep up. This month, they’ve baked up a batch of gourmet pistachio Mantecol (halva for those outside Argentina). Like alfajores, halva hails from Arabia, but it journeyed to Greece before arriving in Buenos Aires, so it retains its nut butter base (originally tahini) and crumbly goodness. Mantecol is the brand-name for halva in Argentina – it is worshipped daily by children and eaten by the pound during the holidays. Come get your fancy Mantecol at the cafe while it’s here!